Red Sea Marine Services value the importance of deploying seafarers who are well-trained, well-experience and fully certified in accordance with STCW 2017 and the ISM Code. 

The Company’s fleet personnel department and its manning agencies from India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar places the highest priority in providing well qualified seafarers that meet and/or exceed industry standards in order to ensure all vessels under management are adequately manned by competent personnel who are talented, well-trained, and certified for each vessel type.

Red Sea Marine is proud in achieving high retention rates. This notable level of retention is a result of the successful recruitment of qualified and capable seafarers and strong bond and sound relations between the ship and shore.

Continues training and development of shipboard personnel is highly valued by the Company. An onboard monthly/quarterly training drills, ship-shore emergency response table top drills in collaboration with HSSEQ/Marine/Technical/Fleet Personnel Departments/ERS Provider and computer based training module sessions are carried out every year.