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The Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) management system of RSMS is binding and applicable to the company and all vessels under full technical management. RSMS HSSEQ management system is applicable to the following types of ships:

  .1 Oil Tankers

  .2 Chemical Tankers

  .3 Gas Tankers


The Company Scope includes, Technical Management of a fleet of oil, chemical and gas tankers, trading worldwide, incorporating the safety and pollution prevention requirements of the IMO Resolution A741 (18) - The ISM Code.

RSMS has an established Health, Safety, Security Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) management system that is designed to comply with the Safety Management requirements of the ISM Code, the Quality Management requirements of ISO 9001 standard, Environment Management System requirements of ISO 14001 standard and 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards.


The Company places importance to achieve performance improvement in Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality and committed to make all reasonable and practical efforts to: 

  • Promote a pro-active approach to Health,Safety, Security, Environment and Quality operations.

  • Provide safe and secure operational environment to all its personnel.

  • Safeguard the environment, the Ship, Cargo and property.

  • Ensure prevention of injury, ill health and safety of human life.

  • Provide additional security measures and procedures for any potential new threats.

  • Assessing all identified risk to its ships, personnel and the environment and finding ways to mitigate them.

This policy is posted on board and in the Company’s premises with the aim to communicate to all persons working under the control of the Company of their individual health, safety, security, environment and quality obligations as appropriate.


The HSSEQ Policy is available for download to any interested parties through the link below.