The management of the Industrial and Commercial ports of Yanbu commenced about 15 years ago when the company won the tender of the Sea Ports Authority of Saudi Arabia in their bid to lease out the marine management of the Saudi ports to eligible and successful contractors.


The port operations include the provision of supply of the port pilots, the operation of the port tugs, pilot and mooring boats, maintenance of the navigational aids, operation of the VTMS and the pilotage and berthing and un-berthing of all vessels calling the port of Yanbu. The port tugs are predominantly of VSP type and being gradually phased out by ASD tugs, a few pushers are also in service.

The crafts include firefighting, oil recovery and buoy laying vessels and the Company is responsible for the manning and maintenance of the units which in total are close to 30 in number. The numbers of ship movements recorded to date for 2014 between Yanbu and Duba ports is in excess of 5,000 and the trend shows an increasing number.